The boom of Natural Products

The offer of infinite products for the improvement of health, personal care and even products for the home, purchases so common for any human being, leaves us lost and with the indecision of what to buy. Suddenly we are faced with terms such as organic, semi organic, natural, transgenic, which are often similar to us. Before this, I would like to emphasize the knowledge of natural products and understand what they are referring to, mainly differentiating them from organic products and putting them ahead of transgenic products.

What are natural products?

 Natural products are compounds composed essentially of carbon, obtained from natural sources (flora, fauna, land, etc.) and which generally have very diverse and interesting properties.


Throughout the world, the so-called natural medicine moves billions of dollars worldwide and every day increases its acceptance with novel treatments and therapies that promise to cure or improve a certain pathology with natural procedures. The rise of this alternative medicine to treat health in recent years, has led to many people, small businesses and private companies turning their eyes towards products that can be profitable in terms of market, promoting worldwide market jokers in other As the raw material for these products, basically based on varieties of vegetables and plants with high medicinal power. Drugs made as products that are administered for curative purposes, although they are elaborated with the use of many natural source products, the synthesis of drugs is highly developed and provides a large quantity of substances that are used as such. For example: sedatives, anti-inflammatories, diuretics, antivirals, hepatoprotectors, etc … Taking advantage of the market and in order to boost their massive consumption, natural products have found an important ally: the media under specific diffusion characteristics:

-The product is announced as a cure all fast and effective against a whole series of ailments, proposing it as a miraculous cure, exclusive product, secret ingredient, or remedy of the ancestors and ancient cultures. -Your promotion relates it to medical terms in order to associate your credibility. -The promoters include testimonies without documentation, which claim wonderful results. Frequently other products are given with the purchase of the advertised. It should be noted that only the entire plant rarely has medicinal value; normally the useful compounds are concentrated in some of their parts: leaves, seeds, flowers, barks and roots are used with relative frequency.


This natural or ecological cosmetics is a trend that is going strong and gaining followers in an accelerated way, as evidenced by a growth estimated at more than 20% per year in Europe in recent years. Every day, more and more cosmetics laboratories are betting more on making their products with natural and vegetable ingredients, thus creating natural cosmetics, whose objective are cosmetics of all kinds that are made to bring us all the benefits of nature. This is how they take the best natural products with excellent benefits for personal and cosmetic care, taking as examples: chamomile to reduce skin inflammation, honey to bring light, lemon to clean our hair, avocado to hydrate, coffee to give us smoothness …

A natural cosmetic tries as much as possible to resemble the lipid mantle of our skin, and here we have the most essential virtue of the natural product, which seeks to integrate substances that have the greatest possible affinity with the biochemical composition of our skin. Among the advantages of the so-called natural cosmetics are:

 It does not use chemical components derived from petroleum, nor artificial additives. It also does not contain synthetic aromas, preservatives or artificial perfumes. It has a softer, less aggressive effect than conventional cosmetics, regenerating, caring and protecting the skin effectively, for example braggs apple cider vinegar uk allows weight loss and it is completely natural. It adapts very well to our skin type due to the greater affinity of its components with our epidermis. It has no side effects and does not produce any type of allergies so anyone can use it. La cosmética natural también tiene beneficios para el medio ambiente ya que su fabricación no provoca residuos químicos perjudiciales para el medio ambiente al no utilizar productos derivados del petróleo.

Entre los productos que más están retomando el uso de productos naturales están los destinados al cuido del cutis, como por ejemplo las cremas de día y noche, maquillajes, mascarillas, polvos, mascarillas; también están los destinados al cuerpo en general como cremas, champú y acondicionadores, exfoliantes, pasta de dientes, esmaltes, entre otros.  Natural cosmetics also have benefits for the environment since its manufacture does not cause chemical residues harmful to the environment by not using petroleum products. Among the products that are most taking up the use of natural products are those for the care of the skin, such as day and night creams, makeup, masks, powders, masks; there are also those intended for the body in general, such as creams, shampoos and conditioners, exfoliants, toothpaste, enamels, among others.

Products for home use:

Every day the products based on artificial chemicals go into the background with the boom of products for the home based on natural products. Especially with the flow of information and global awareness. Today we see various articles based on natural products as common as lemon, olive oil, baking soda, vinegar, among others with those made from soaps, to cleaning products as disinfectants. Taking into account the properties of the main natural products are made products based on them for example:

Lemon: The whitening properties, deodorant, stain remover, natural grease cutter and rust remover of its juice, makes it a priority in cleaning products in general, both on surfaces that require shine, and for cleaning metals and others . Olive Oil: It has properties such as cleaner and polisher, used to make products for metal, wood and gardening.  White Vinegar: It possesses in its natural acidity it makes it a perfect anti fungal and anti bacterial.


The use of natural products in such priority areas as cosmetics and medicine has come to revolutionize with new proposals of consumption, of medicines and cosmetics with added value and benefits of natural products. Every day there are more options and it has become a big business and an opportunity especially for innovation and small business.